CCJ Showing on Credit Club - can I get it removed if I paid it?

I was in dispute over a legal bill and was withholding payment until sorted. The solicitors raised a CCJ and so I had no choice but to pay it, plus court fees. To add insult - I see now that I have a CCJ against my score - even though it was all paid before the due date.
Can I have it removed - or once a CCJ has been issued - it's in stone?


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    If you have proof you paid before the 30 days after CCJ was issued then yes you can ask for that to be removed as the rule is that if you pay before that it's not entered
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    You should have had plenty of notice of impending legal action, there would have been a letter before action, asking you to settle the matter without the need to progress to court, if you failed to do so, then that would have been followed by a claim form.

    I`m assuming judgement was then granted, so the important question is as farfetch (above) points out, did you pay this within 30 days of the judgement being granted ?

    If you were able to repay the debt within 30 days of the CCJ being issued, you can ask the court to have the CCJ removed from your credit file.

    You will need to provide proof of payment, such as a bank statement or receipt, as well as a completed form from the court. If the court agrees to remove the CCJ, it will send a notice to the credit agencies, and the CCJ will be removed from your file.

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    For info, a solicitor cannot 'raise a CCJ'. Only a judge can issue one, after application is made. Did you attend the hearing, or was judgement made by default?
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