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Hello all, 

just looking for some advice , due to personal circumstances from nearly 10 years ago I ended up having quite a bit of personal debt and once I had found a stable job following some advice I entered into an IVA. 

The IVA finished taking payments this year and I believe will stop being ‘active’ in August, though will remain on my credit file until February 2023. Yesterday I was fortunate enough to be offered a contact centre role with a bank dealing with collections. 

They didn’t ask for any declarations during their recruitment phase as far as I remember and there was no option to declare this to them at that stage, I have informed the recruitment person of this and they have advised to be honest about it, there are also some settled defaults from about 5 years ago there also (these may have been part of the IVA, I’m not 100%)

I intend to declare these when I proceed with the checks but what impact, if any, will this have on my chances of employment? 


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    Impossible to say - we can only advise to be honest.

    you should make sure your credit files are showing correct info though

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    I have to agree with the above - be honest with your employer about it.  It'll come to light when they do their checks anyway, so you may as well be upfront about it.
    Will it affect your chance of being accepted for the role - who can say?  It's standard practice for any employee of a financial institution to be credit-checked - the theory is that if you're in financial difficulty, you'll be more open to bribery and corruption from the bad guys ("I'll give you £10,000 if you let me launder this drugs money through your system", or whatever it may be).  Arguably, someone in a call centre has less opportunity to manipulate the system than someone in IT or Audit, for instance.
    But it's pointless to speculate - just be honest, and let your employer do whatever it is they do in situations like this.  You won't be the first person who's applied for a finance job with a less-than-perfect credit history :smile:
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    One of the things most noticeable in the banking crash was that almost everyone posting on the BR forum who worked in financial services kept their job. They had all contacted HR via an intermediary, had detailed confidential discussions about their situation, agreed to on-going in-house financial advice and went BR.

    Apart from one bright spark whose employer learned from the OR. He was dismissed immediately and escorted off the premises.
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