Removing ivy from a wall...

What's the best/most effective way of removing ivy from a wall and around a window?

Is it a good idea to try to kill it off first either by cutting the vines/creepers off at ground level, or by using weedkiller?

Or is it a simple question of applied elbow grease and hard work?


(PS - I'm no gardener!  I just want rid of it!)


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    Easiest, but not instant is sever the trunk near the ground and about 6 inches above that cut making sure to leave a gap so you can spot and deal with any regrowth

    The ivy above will die offf, more so in this hot weather

    If you just leave it alone it will turn brown & can then be knocked off the wall. You will have marks where it has been

    If you try & yank it from wall while still green there is a danger some bits will still be hanging on and give you hours of fun trying to remove them

    The root part as it grows, either sparay with brush killer or treat with a stump killer
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    Agree with Farway. 

    I get rid of ivy by cutting the main trunk twice, and also cutting any other stems I can find. Leave it a few weeks and it comes off easier. 
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    When I was removing some a few years back I had an old cheap carving/bread knife (bought for £1 from a charity shop) that I used to slip behind the ivy to help remove it from the brickwork.  It was a thin blade so flexible and the serrated edge could slice through any clinging bits quite easily.  I have been trying to pick it off the wall with my hands prior to this and the knife made it a relatively quick job.
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    Thanks everybody.  I thought I had heard or had read somewhere that cutting out a 6" or so length close to ground level and then letting it die above that was the best bet.  I'll keep an eye on new growth and/or apply some weedkiller

    Thanks again
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    Be aware, you'll never get a totally clean wall, there will always be bits of root that will have marked the wall.
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