I have a peony that has sentimental value, plus produces wonderful deep red blooms. Or should.

it’s moved with me several times so one of the few things I actually know about gardening is how to move a peony.  My ex, although a good gardener, doesn’t know how to do it, so when he potted it up for me to bring to my new flat he put it on too deep.  However I also know that if planted too deep a peony will recover in time.

mine has had plenty of time to recover.  For the first few years it was a bit sickly but having fed it (wormery compost and worm liquid) this year it is growing quite well - but rather small and hasn’t produced any flowers.

what to do?  Keep feeding but otherwise leave well alone and hope that by next year it will be stronger?  I wonder whether I should move it somewhere more hospitable - it’s currently in full sun close to a bay tree, so dry and with competition for nourishment.


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