BT Broadband - contract ended & now connection issues


We've been with BT Broadband for a few years & no problems. Our tied in contract ended a couple of weeks ago & we've stayed on the contract we had but no longer tied in.

Over the last couple of weeks we've had a few issues Thursday & Friday this week & last week we've totally lost Internet connection at roughly 4pm & then it's come back on at roughly 10pm & we're struggling to understand why.

My husband & son are suggesting that because we're no longer tied in if demand for Internet increases at certain times of day then those with a tied in contract get priority & we don't so we lose connection.

Anyone else experienced anything similar? 




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    No, its not that. If anything, you would get priority as you're not tied in but that's not how it works.

    .what do your router stats show? What tests have BT done?
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    It's probably worth checking with your neighbours to see if they have had similar issues. 

    If you use the Nextdoor local website that is also a good place to put on a post like this, as is a local Facebook community group if you live in an area that has one. I live in a village and posts about Internet connection issues often come up. 
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    As stated it’s a little paranoid to think they mess around with customers that are out of contract , obviously these are customers that can leave at short notice without penalty, the chances are it’s a coincidence, a fault has developed and you happen to be outside a minimum term….report the issue , if there is a fault it gets fixed and doesn’t change your contractual situation, you would still be free to move provider without penalty, if you move to another provider with a ‘fault’ on the line it will probably still be there when the new provider takes over ( assuming it’s an Openreach based provider )
    If it’s congestion then it would slow down at peak hours ( not stop working ) so it’s an odd problem if it simply stops working during these hours , have you reset the hub to factory settings  , in case somehow it’s been set up to bar access between these hours by mistake ?
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