Pet insurance - how much is too much?

I have had my dog insured on a lifetime policy with Animal Friends since he was a puppy.  He is now 10, and they have just increased this year's annual premium by around £500 to an eye-watering £2700, or thereabouts.  The main reason is that he has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia a few years ago, and currently takes daily medication which costs around £60 a month (I get this back less a £99 excess and a 20% contribution, so this £640 needs offsetting against the cost of the policy).  It doesn't cover dental work either.

I have always insured my dogs and cats as it gives a peace of mind should anything happen, but this premium is just ridiculous, but I am worried about having no insurance especially as he is getting older.  I tried Compare the Market, but they don't do a comparison including pre-existing conditions.  To cover the hip dysplasia, any premium is likely to be high.

I know if something happens me and the other half will have very different ideas about how much should be spent on medical bills, and having insurance has taken that out of the mix, but if we had to find cash, it could lead to arguments...

What would you do?


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    Hi, well if you leave your current insurers you won't be able to claim for your dog's medication since it's doubtful that his pre-existing condition will be covered. Even if it is (some insurers say they do accept pets with pre-existing conditions but naturally, it's at a price) it's not going to be cheap. And as a new customer with a senior pet, you'll have to pay more anyway.

    We all know that pets will probably need more vet treatment as they get older and that's why premiums rise so much.

    Our 12 year old cat who we'd had since she was tiny (we found her on the roadside) died four months ago and her final illness cost us but we didn't care, we'd have paid anything - particularly if we could have made her well again. Sadly, it was not to be and nothing more could be done for her.

    What I would do if I were in your position would be to carry on with the insurance I had - because if you cancel it or take out a new policy it's going to be more expensive - and treasure each day you can share with him. Because I'd give anything to have my pet back.
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    The insurer really has you by the wotsits.  They know you won't be able to get insured anywhere else so can pretty much charge what they want.  Have you tried speaking to them to try to get it reduced?
    If you break the £500 down it's about an additional £1.40 per day which doesn't sound as bad and may be easier to sell to your other half.  I appreciate that with all other costs increasing it is quite a blow to annual income.
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