Question on a Joint Bank Account and absent ( fled the country ) ex partner

Hopefully, this is the correct forum but please feel free to remove if not.

My daughter's ex partner is a Chinese national who was in the UK as a student.

They had a joint account ( at his behest ) and as these things go he all but emptied it leaving just over £200 in it, just before he skipped bail. This was 9 years ago, my daughter had forgotten about it but recently received a statement of balance on the account.

Are there any steps she can take , i.e. contact Lloyds to gain access to the account?

He won't be coming back as he's banned from the UK for various offences :  ABH ( he attacked my daughter and young grandchild ),  falsifying a marriage certificate to show he was married to her ( he most certainly was not! ), various driving offences and selling of fake licences to students, and the taxman were chasing him for non payment of taxes on earnings of over £345K.

Quite how he got bail and was allowed to leave the UK was beyond both us and the police, but he did under the false premise that his father was dying in Shangahi and he needed to be there for his last days.

We/ve not heard from him for just over 9 years and have no idea where he is in China.

Are there any steps we can take to approach Lloyds ?  It's not a lot of money but our daughter is disabled and every penny counts for her and her daughter.

Thank you.


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    If it's joint account hasn't she got a debit card for it?
    Or can she get one, and just pay for stuff until the balance is zero?
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    If it's a joint account it is hers as well so she can access it as normal.
    If she doesn't have access or a card contact the bank to request it.
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    And once she has cleared it, if she can't close it, get a restriction put on it so that all transactions require both signatures.

    Prevents him getting imaginative and running up an overdraft.
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    If it is a joint account then she should be able to access it abnd withdraw the money. She can't then close it without his cooperation but can freeze it so that he can't return and run up an overdraft. 
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