NSI - mad as a box of frogs

I’ve never had a problem with  NSI until today.  I bought a little car today and paid the deposit, the balance will come from my Premium Bonds.  I logged in as usual, no problem, then asked for the money to be paid to my bank account.  I’ve never had a problem before this.  It asked for my memorable information, 2 questions and I got one wrong  :#. My first cat?  I’ve had dozens including when I was a baby.  It said I had 4 attempts but decided to log me out and send me a new password by post.  Post?  This is the 21st Century.  I know my password, that wasn’t a problem.   Grrrr

I gave them a ring, big mistake.  I got an automatic assistant, it drove me mad, it kept asking “what do you want to do today” and I told it a dozen times then started shouting.  Yes I know shouting at a virtual assistant is a waste of time.  It asked me if I wanted to speak to someone and I said yes.  Massive disbelief I got a real person in 10 seconds.  She couldn’t help, said I couldn’t change my pasworword on the phone, they would send me a password by post.   Post.  This is the 21st Century.

Rant over.  I’ll just have to wait a bit longer for my shiny little Yaris.  


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    I've done it at the automated systems at other places and felt awful afterwards.
    The reason they post I guess is for your own safety.

    I even shout at Alexa and Google but it is often my fauly as we have both systems and I call one the other  etc and they get more confused.

    I worry a lot and because of that I often prepare things before the event.


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    I would be more upset if they updated my memorable information on the phone - particularly if I had got it wrong 4 times.
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