Martin Lewis: The one thing everyone aged over 66 needs to know

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    Your getting old?
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    roddydogs said:
    Your getting old?

    *You're . . .  and you're just being facetious. 
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  • Martin_the_UnjustMartin_the_Unjust Forumite
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    ‘………. and have total weekly income under roughly £200’

    It’s about pension credit and this ^ is missing from the click bait headline. 
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    my wife and i are both pensioners. She has income below £200, mine is above. Why are we treated as a couple and not treated individually, as we both have individual pensions ?
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    I foolishly worked full-time and managed to get some savings. My income now is low enough to receive Pension Credit as I receive DLA and AA as I have 2 debilitating illnesses, but because I have these savings (not massive) I cannot get Pension Credit. My neighbour has never worked since she was 50 living on benefits, she receives Pension Credits and in the 2 years she has lived here has spent £s  on getting a perfectly good bungalow to how she wanted it. When she got her Attendance Allowance award she not only received it once but again was awarded the same amount onto here Pension Credit. It is so unfair and it is useless me trying to hide my savings, they can be traced.
  • ollythecollieollythecollie Forumite
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    Martin was looking for a rhyme.  How about don't decline, get online where decline serves as both turning down the offer and becoming worse off, financially and healthwise, through being cold and hungry.
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    I applied for my Mothers Pension Credit on 10th February this year.  You get through to a triage centre first and I have now called them roughly 12 times.  They tell you that they will try to put you through to the Pension Credit Team and that you may have to wait 3 minutes, each time you call.  If they cannot get you through they tell you that they will get one of the PC team to call you back within a specific time frame.  The last time I called them I eventually got through (with persistence) and the guy I spoke to said "I don't know why they tell you we will call you back, it is not our policy to call anyone back".  My Mom is still waiting, she fled an abusive marriage in her 70's, has no money to live on and if she weren't living with me, I don't know what would happen.  5 months we have been waiting.  My Mother is lucky as she does have me, but there are thousands of our elderly folk who have no one :( 
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