Tomatoes in hot conservatory!

My toms are suffering a little bit in the conservatory (i don't have a greenhouse), the conservatory faces North East so only get's hot until about one pm.
I am weary about leaving windows open in case of daytime intruders while out at work.
I'm wondering if anybody grows them in a conservatory or should they go outside on hot days?
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    You can reflect some of the heat using car foil window sheets that attach with suction pads.
    That might help.
    Some light getting in around them and take off at night.

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    I grow mine in conservatory but have ventilation.which is safe for me to leave open. However the toms still wilt but revoer later

    My windows have a latch that can be locked but window is open just  a crack to let air in but not enough to get  finger / screwdriver etc in. Maybe yours have something similar?
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