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    Bronnie said:
    Bronnie said:
    Help. Responsible for sorting broadband again for the first time in 10 years. Confidently checked the cheapest providers according to MSE , only to be told my area only offered full fibre broadband. So ££ was more than I expected £36 from BT was mentioned.  I just need very basic broadband for Internet browsing and as cheap as possible. (I'm not eligible for social tariffs.) Would appreciate some guidance. Thank you :) 

    1. Are you in an Openreach FTTP (Full Fibre) area? 
    2. Are you prioritising lowest possible price, or shorter contracts? Contracts can vary between 30 days to 12 months to 18 months to 24 months. 
    3. Are you prioritising fixed pricing?
    4. You could also explore the alternative of an Unlimited Data 4G mobile broadband solution (using a 4G hotspot from one of the mobile network providers) if there is a good 4G signal at the property. 

    Thank you for your detailed reply. I’m part way through a phone contract and my signal is not that great at my new place, unfortunately. 
    @Bronnie So probably best to go with a Landline based Broadband product (FTTP). There are several which range between £30 to £39.99 a month with varying length contracts on the Openreach network. Your choice will be between a lower starting price with longer contract and price rises, or else starting at a higher price and having a fixed price on a shorter contract. 

    Vodafone is £30 a month for instance for their "200Mbps Ultrafast" service. The caveat being it is a 24 month contract and prices will increase each March/April. 

    Shell Energy FTTP are £31 a month for their "Full Fibre 100" service. 18 month contract. Prices will increase each March/April.

    TalkTalk Fibre 150 is £32 a month on a 24 month contract. Prices will increase each March/April. 

    Sky are £35 a month for their 145Mbps Service. The contract is 18 months and prices will increase during the contract term.

    BT seem to show as £36 a month (like you mentioned) for their Full Fibre 100Mbps service. 24 month contract and prices will increase each March/April. They do sometimes have an offer for "Full Fibre 1" which is a 50Mbps product in the range of £29 a month (prices will still increase each year).

    Cuckoo Broadband show up as £39.99 a month for their "Very Fast 115Mbps" service with fixed pricing for the whole 12 month contract. 

    I would say if you don't mind price rises and a longer contract, then there's Vodafone (which offers double the speed of the similar priced Shell).
    If you prefer a shorter contract and fixed pricing, then Cuckoo (which topped the MSE Customer Service poll for Broadband). 
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