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sorry for long post, this is the first time we have had any issues in respect of insurance and claiming

I am in Scotland, and we are owners of flat that the building is owned by a housing association.  The buildings insurance is through them and we have our own contents insurance.

Last week, upstairs tenant (we are in block of six, and the only owners) radiator leaked, and as a result, I came across water coming through the electrical light fitting. I did put a very large bucket, the carpet and my work chair were wet from the initial dripping but do not know how long it had been going on.

Partner went up to speak to them, but think from communication issue (they don’t speak English) he did not seem to understand apart from telling partner they had a leak but had been fixed. We called the housing associations emergency line, but nobody showed up, we called the next morning, when it started to spread on ceiling and start to run down the wall, patches appeared in our hallway above living room door.  Nobody appeared, partner called at lunchtime, when the company stated that upstairs needed to call in, partner went upstairs and this time got the tenant to come down and look to make them understand.  They got somebody out sharpish and discovered that a screw had been put through the pipework when screwing the joist down.

There is a flat below us, but they don’t have a room above the spare room where the damage is done, but not sure if it got into their place as they wouldn’t answer the door.

Partner contacted the housing association on Monday, but the receptionist denied any responsibility for the leak and the damage to walls/carpet etc.  l know that contents will have go through our contents insurance, but I am hoping that my work chair and carpet are fine, they are dry but I am leaving window open.  We have got the insurance details from housing association website, and we have copy of the policy (as we needed a copy for the mortgage). Partner did ask to speak to the housing officer for the block (was issues with one of their tenants) but they have not called back so may not be in the office. Partner is going to call the insurance company tomorrow.

If they (either housing association or insurance don’t play ball) what happens? Taken plenty of pictures and videos of the mess and when it was leaking for evidence.

Thank you :smile:


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