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Compensate from one airport to the original within UK



  • JAspnJAspn Forumite
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    eskbanker said:
    It's important to understand the difference between compensation and reimbursement of expenses, and hence the three separate headings on that page (mirroring articles 7, 8 and 9 of the regulations), i.e.
    1. Right to compensation [only if within the airline's control]

    2. Right to reimbursement or re-routing [for any cancellation]

    3. Right to care [for delays and cancellations]
    so extraordinary circumstances gets them off the hook from paying the fixed compensation sums listed within section 1, but they still need to get you back to your final destination airport at no extra cost, as specified within section 2.
    Thank you - I will work on this since reimbursement is all I applied for for in the first place. 
    Many thanks
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    JAspn said:
    lisyloo said:
    Easyjet are terrible.
    they once offered me compensation for losing a spare seat that we’d paid for and reserved.
    i had a hand written offer with pilots/crew details and it was all authorised by their liaison team over the phone with the pilot.

    i had to write them a letter before action to get what they had themselves offered in writing.

    i would write to them a letter before action detail what you want I.e your compensation they are obliged to give you plus your expenses.
    personally I would also justify the expenses (for example if the fuel was cheaper than 2 train tickets)
    And personally I like to pay the extra quid or so for recorded delivery just to avoid any delays and “lost on the post” excuses. Other might tell you that’s not legally necessary but how much mucking around do you want.

    unfortunately they are a pain to deal with and LBA giving them 14 days before court tends to get things moving
    They truly are awful - I certainly intend to write and argue this one.  I fear it will fall into a hole with them - but I feel i have been unjustly treated and they have not followed through on the purchase I made, getting me A to B back to A again. 
    That the whole point of LBA.
    it wont fall into a hole if you are willing to use the court system - which is worth it if they aren’t even giving you the compensation. It’s all a short timescale.

    its appalling all round (even flag carrier BA).
    disabled people left on planes etc.
    they need to realise there are humans involved.
    im not that old in my 50s but I’d be very uncomfortable if I had to spend a night at an airport etc.
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