Bidding for hotel rooms UK/England

I've been looking at hotels and came across a couple of sites that claim you can bid for a room
Has anyone used these and is there a price difference?

We are considering going to the races in Wolverhampton and then staying for a couple of days - at Holiday Inn
has a hotel on site

Any tips how to get a cheaper room


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    I saw about this a couple of years back where you were bidding for a type of room (e.g. sleeps 2, near race track, Wolverhampton) but didn't know what hotel it was.  Apparently if you were canny you could track it back to the actual hotel by the description and could see what was normally charged and that would give you an idea of what to bid.  

    Never tried it but it looked like a bit of an adventure.
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    I can't comment on the bidding sites, but when we used to stay at Holiday Inns regualrly a few years back  they operated a (free to join) Priority Club wher we got special offers e-mailed to us from time to time - and you accumulated points towards free stays, and also occasionally perks like early checkins / late check outs or complimentary breakfasts. There may not be any introductory offers but if you do end up at the Holday Inn I suggest you investigate enrolling before you book to see if it saves you anything.

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    The cheaper deals are usually when there is low occupancy / off peak etc .
    If there is an event on - it’s unlikely there will be cheap deals .

    The loyalty program Priority Club changed its name  to IHG Rewards in 2013 . As @p00hsticks has already said it’s worth looking for any deals - typical offers are  3 nights for price of 2 .
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    Not sure how well bidding would go given its on the course, it's race time and summer.
    I always check the hotel site itself first to see if there's any extra add ons that would add value to the price.
    Some first class london hotel rooms go for very low prices on occasion. I've had dinner bed and breakfast for room rate and 4 & 5 star stays for great price but it's hard research with flexibility which you don't have

    If you are wanting specific dates I'd be inclined to play safe. Then choose something less important to practice on with the bidding and see how it goes.

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    Just had a quick  look at a couple of the sites. 
    The terms and conditions wouldn't be my cup of tea for the risks.
    You are paying up front to a 4th party. If they don't pay the 3rd/2nd/1st party you are responsible for chasing it up. They seem to be US based with some sort of UK office for some. It doesn't say who the other parties are or where based. All done on email, only contact.
    You are not guaranteeing that hotel. It all depends on the other parties being able to get/have the room at your offer and the hotel not changing their mind.
    Your details are available to the other parties under their terms so maybe sold on.
    That was as far as I went.
    So it may work. It may not. Would you be happy to be given other accommodation equivalent to the price you pay? Maybe another location. Or maybe the one you bid for.
    I'm guessing that's why this is an under used business model 

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  • diystarter7
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    Ok, many thanks to all.
    I will investigate the link.
    From what is posted here, I think I'll steer clear from the bidding sites.
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