Car insurance for family visiting from abroad

Help please!!!

I have family visiting here in the UK in a couple of months and want to get my father-in-law insured on our car. I've looked at standalone temporary short-term insurance but it's terribly expensive so want to explore getting him added as a named driver on my policy (policy due for renewal shortly, so have flexibility to choose new provider).

He has a full, clean New Zealand license. The challenge I'm having is all the online search engines insist any named driver has to be a "resident" but he is coming as a tourist.

Can anyone share any insurance companies they have used who would allow you to add a non-resident with an international license as a named driver to their policy? If not - any advice how I could find them!

Many thanks


  • MalMonroe
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    You can add an international visitor to your own insurance policy. There's some info in the link below.

    As you say your policy will renew soon, you could have a chat with your provider. I always phone my provider at renewal time anyway because the renewals are usually far too high. It will be an ideal time for you to negotiate a good deal not just for you but for your father in law as well. 

    Alternatively, your father-in-law could get some separate temporary insurance, also covered in the link from above. Or you could shop around the internet for other deals. I googled "temporary car insurance for foreign visitors" and lots of options popped up.

    That's something we do when our own relatives from Oz and Canada visit and  need car insurance to drive our cars. It's not a problem, even though they aren't UK residents.
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    I had no trouble adding my Kiwi brother in law to our insurance with Direct Line.
  • Was told by Hastings Insurance that my KIWI brother must be resident for 30 days in the UK before I could temporarily insure him.  Not much use for a visit!  Has anybody got any ideas on how to get cover for a visiting relative?  He has British Citizenship and Full UK Licence.  Unfortunately you cannot dual insure so giving the registration details to another insurer is a big no no.  I even looked at selling him the vehicle temporarily but then you're into adding two keepers to the logbook in a month and cancelling/restarting vehicle tax so that's too much bother.  If anyone has any experience in how to deal with this I'd welcome your advice!
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    Stone_Broke said:
    Unfortunately you cannot dual insure so giving the registration details to another insurer is a big no no.
    It's perfectly legal to "dual insure", you just cannot claim indemnity from both. There are certain scenarios it can cause a headache with, especially if its two full policies, but there are many temp insurers out there that only will insure a vehicle with an underlying policy (look at learner diver policies)
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