BT price hike

Hi everyone,

relatively new here; be kind.

I looked at my bill today and noticed that my bill had gone up by £20. I called up and they can't seem to understand why it has happened. They don't even offer that price for this package...

I have had nothing but trouble since I started with them:
  • constant messages saying your broadband is up running; 
  • you look like you are close to a renewal so call us for an upgrade (I am 9 months into my 2 year contract);
  • offered me 10% off my phone bill for the duration of my contract, which I never received after calling them constantly about it (and being told it was done);
Thought I would make a post to make people aware. I don't check my bank statements often, but I am glad I did as this would have gone unnoticed. So I just wanted to warn you to check in case this has happened to anyone else.

Hope this helps anyone who has also received this.



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    Don't they email you every time a bill is issued? They do for me so it's easy to check it each month.
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  • kev2009kev2009 Forumite
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    Agree, I get monthly emails re bills and I can login and check.  Not had any issues with BT so far, when contract is coming to a end i've been able to move to a package that suits my needs and negotiate a reasonable price.

  • LDN100LDN100 Forumite
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    No they don't send me emails at all. I spoke to them and they have credited my bill and reverted back to my actual monthly cost. Clearly something has gone wrong somewhere. I just wanted to make others aware to check theirs too in case they were billed wrong.
  • giraffe69giraffe69 Forumite
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    If they don't email you then get the BT app on your phone so you can keep an eye in case this happens again.
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