Challenge to make an extra £10 a day June 2022 ~ all welcome

Hello everyone and welcome to the challenge.

The purpose of this challenge is to try and make an extra £10 a day on top of your normal income to help things along eg paying off debt, making savings, paying for holidays, overpaying mortgages.

If you feel £10 is too much why not start at £5 (or less if you want)  or if you're brave join those who aim for £20 a day! Anything extra you make is great so set whatever target you think you can manage. It also doesn't have to be £10 each and every day - some days you make more and some days you make less, but aim for £310 (or whatever your target is) extra at the end of the month.

The idea is that everyone posts how they are making extra money and these shared ideas help all of us to learn new ways to help cut debt or earn/save money.

This is the 176th month of this challenge, which was first started by Batgirl, in September 2007. Here is a link to the original thread as I am sure some of you are interested to read where it all began.
Thanks to Batgirl for starting it and for everyone who has kept it going for more than 14 years.

Hope you join us and see how much you can make this month! 


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