Hotel only just advised us to expect noise during our stay!

We've booked a 3 night stay over Platinythe Jubilee holiday Wednesday to Saturday, a quiet break in the countryside. Less than 48hra before arrival the hotel has written to me to inform that there are wedding parties on 2 of our 3 nights with loud noise ( their words ) expected until 12am and 1am respectively. They have also advised I need to book a breakfast table slot likely 7-8am as other times are taken, the wedding party is prioritised between 8.30 and 9.30am. Even though my rate was a non-refundable rate surely as they have changed the conditions of my stay I can claim a refund or compensation. Interested in thoughts out there and whether there are any others with similar experience. I wouldn't have booked if I had known this beforehand. Thanks. So disappointing.


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    Personally I wouldn’t have thought so but I could be wrong. What are you asserting has changed? They are not doing construction. I have booked several hotels which had weddings happening and not know in advance. It’s not necessarily something I would assume to be happening but definitely with wedding season here, I would not be surprised. As long as the venue has some kind of ballroom/ grounds, it’s always going to be a possibility. Can you request a room far from the activities, is this an option?
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    I've stayed at hotels where there have been weddings going on but wasn't even aware of them due to the layout of the hotel.  Call the hotel and ask if you can either be given a room as far from the noise as possible, or move the stay to another date.
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    I would be talking directly to the hotel to find out what they are going to do to make your stay acceptable. Make it clear what you want e.g. full refund, quiet room or ? To quote times when noise should end is meaningless as door slamming etc will continue after these times. 

    Unfortunately you are but a single voice compared to the wedding group who are providing much needed revenue.  Personally I would be looking for an alternative hotel but availability might be a problem unless you can be flexible with the location
  • Thank you for the comments, I'd accept one wedding is just unfortunate ( if not attending) and yes, we have requested a quieter room. We have two weddings on consecutive nights, 2 of our 3 night stay. My concern was less than 48hrs before arrival being told I might expect to be kept awake until 1am and then being told I'd have to get up at 6.30am for the only available 7-8am breakfast slot as those that have kept me awake are prioritised 8.30-9.30. it's not what I would expect of a 4* hotel and not, in my view, "providing a service with reasonable care and skill" according to the Consumer Act.
    Ah well, it is what it is, the hotel told us they're not obliged to tell us if a wedding is on and my lesson here is always to ask before I make a reservation and take a good book.
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    Is the hotel somewhere where you'd expect to be a wedding happening? 
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    Breakfast in your room?  Ask to have a later table after the wedding party?

    Place we recently stayed at was generally booked room, breakfast & dinner.  And it was a dog friendly place except no dogs were allowed in the dining room.  So them with their pups were give tables to eat at in the salon/bar area.  Perfectly nice, still had great service.  Maybe something like that could be requested.
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    Is the hotel marketed as having a wedding party use ?

    Take some ear plugs.
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    The noise is just something you have to deal with anywhere. I would push back on the breakfast slot though, and tell them that you do not feel it is acceptable to prioritise people to the extent of forcing others to be uncomfortably early. Suggest that a small area to be set aside from the wedding group for their other guests who are all perfectly entitled to eat during the usual times. 

    Be honest, after a 1.00am end to the wedding party, I can well see quite a few of the guests not making it down to breakfast anyway, so there is likely to be adequate space. 
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    How was it? 
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    I have been wondering the same 😊
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