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  • hybdh
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    Hi all, been reading and you are all quite indesicive of this company. I went through with this company and I received my car yesterday. I was told 3-4 weeks was delayed by a week due to a backlog
  • hollyhock25021
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    At first I was just finding it difficult is to how I got accepted being so young, with rubbish credit and £1000 income a month. I got told the minimum deposit is £1000. I ordered an Audi A3 and she said it was in stock. I asked why delivery would take 3-4 weeks she said due to road taxing etc. I’ll just wait till Thursday I really hope it comes. 
    If she was a relative and trying to drum up their business I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t of told me how much of a hard time she had, all the excuses and the long wait she had?
    I can splash out on a car if I want, I can afford it so why not?
    Hi, can I ask have you received your car yet 
  • hollyhock25021
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    Has anyone received their car yet 
  • Asmalegal
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    I’m curious to know too ..
  • Lucylanzonnn
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    Stay well aware!! Do not send this company any money! I got promised a car that never ever turnt up. 
  • Clive_Woody
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    As someone mentioned earlier in the thread, main dealers are struggling to get stock and waiting months for cars, so a small leasing company promising new cars available within a matter of weeks sets a lot of alarm bells ringing......even more so if they are happily agreeing leases with folk with a poor credit history (i.e. in the current market, with a shortage of cars, dealers can be picky who they sell/lease to as cars are like gold dust).
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  • MrFrugalFever
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    The only thing ringing alarm bells here is some of the posts that seem to change facts and figures on a whim.


    NVL Car Leasing Ltd may not be quite what it seems.

    This is a MSE Forum, expect to have a bit of pushback around the purchase of a new car, that’s not very MSE.

    There could be a small possibility that NVL have negotiated wholesale agreements on fleet terms with manufacturers and do in fact have a number of new cars ready for delivery.
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    So I had started this thread initially as was dubious as to whether they were genuine or not. I’ve read all the reviews on trust pilot and note the company has gone into liquidation owing people thousands of pounds. I had reported them to mse, fca & the ico.. I feel for those who have lost so much money 
  • Albert2012
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    I will let you know how it goes. The car I wanted they told me they had it in stock, in my colour and style, so I said I would like to go through with it and she asked for a deposit so I put down £1000 and she told me 3-4 weeks delivery. She has contacted me yesterday and gave me a delivery date Thursday 30th which is just over 3 weeks so fingers crossed. I’m pretty sure if it was a scam they still wouldn’t be in business. They have more good reviews than bad just I can’t find much information on them. 
    I will keep you posted. 
    Hi I recently used NVL, what a mistake! I paid a £1500 pound deposit which they still have and months on no car! They then went into liquidation but the liquidation company have just emailed me saying they won’t be liquidating them many more as NVL are not cooperating! I used to speak to a few people one of which is Chris! Btw his real name is Daniel day! I’m currently in talks with an investigator who will be trying to recover my money! Leanne roberts is still an active director atm! Biggest bunch of con artists 
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