British Gas takeover of my failed energy company resulting in massive (pre-April1st '22) hike

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I will try to be v brief. I was switched to B Gas (from People's Energy). In January 2022 I received a final notice threatening debt collection, despite me being on direct debit all the time. I have never in my life defaulted on paying my bills (mortgage, energy etc). This was very frightening. I began to be sent bills, which had overlapping dates, and which were incredibly difficult to understand. I then discovered that my bills since Nov 3rd 2021 to March 31st had gone up by more than 50% from the £61 I had paid this amount roughly for the past few years (which in itself proves my steady unchanging consumption). I am 70, live alone in a modern well-insulated small flat (2 of my 3 radiators are off or on very low. I have LEDs for most of my lighting. I shower every 2 days on cool or cold (a la Wim Hoff), I never leave lights on in unoccupied rooms etc etc. B Gas are adamant that their readings must be correct, even though my Gas smart Meter is dead (no working display), but I know for sure that my energy consuming habits have not increased at all. To my mind, I can see absolutely nothing that explains the excessive increase.  I know how I live and I’ve tried to reduce my consumption since the bad news of energy hikes emerged. But how do I prove tais. Effectively, they have put the onus on me to prove my contentions.

They say that their tariffs could well have been a bit higher than my previous defunct supplier ( as said by one person to me) but that would would only be a few percent higher. I wish I could access my previous supplier’s bills to compare the energy charges (they have no website any more), but that would still not explain the enormous hike. And I fear that the April 1st and future increases will be based on their figures implying I have increased high consumption. I have been told I can get a meter engineer (employed by BGs!) in, to check my meters but that will cost me £70 if they find nothing wrong.

Their telephone support, has been mostly appalling (only 9-5 weekdays – getting though is hard), with promised calls not returned, and my having to re-enter my complaint from start each. One person tried to get me to write down all his calculations – I tried – but he eventually got into a muddle and promised to call me back next day – but he didn’t. My calls mainly last an hour or so as I try to work things out!

To summarise, the critical part of my complaint is that they have their statement of my approx. 50% increased consumption and I have the certainty that my energy consumption has not increased at all.

Are there forum people who know of similar experiences?


Can anyone give me some useful advice (I have registered this complaint with Resolver last week) ?


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    As MovingForwards has said, better if you post this question in the energy board as there will be more knowledgeable people there who can help.

    In the meantime, sounds like two issues here, your direct debit of £61 and knowing how much gas/electric you are using.

    If you've only been paying the same £61 you've been paying in the past few years, you probably will now be in debt because the price of gas & electric has risen quite a bit from what you'd have being paying People's Energy. I'm in a similar positions as you, and my DD has increased by around 20% (after being transferred when my previous supplier went bust) and then by a further 35% (April price cap) in the same time period.

    As for your usage and BG saying its increased. Is it just the display on the gas meter that isn't working, do you have the small in house display unit that you can take meter readings from instead? If not, you should be able to log into your account and see readings on there.

    Also, do you not have any older bills that you can check back on, or a note of your annual usage? All of this information would be a help because just using your £61 DD payment doesn't give any idea of how much you are paying.

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