Natwest Bereavement online service timescale

Anyone recently used Natwest's online bereavement service to close and transfer a deceased's bank accounts, if so I was wondering how long does it usually take to transfer the account once you've given them all the information required and signed the Release of Funds agreement?

I signed mine over a month ago but not heard anything.


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    Do you already have probate, or did they confirm before submitting the request that probate is not required? If so I would have thought the closure and transfer should only take a few days, a month is unnecessarily long. I'd call them and ask for an update.
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    For a NatWest current account from notification of bereavement the account as locked within 1 day and to paying out to my personal account as executor took 5 days. I only needed to upload a scan of the Copy of Death Certificate. The website initially indicated that I would need to upload a Grant of Probate which was going to take months but a few days after uploading the death certificate which also has my name on it as the informant I unexpectedly received a notification that the funds could be released. This was for an account with a balance of under £10K.

    Having the deceased funds paid out was useful for settling accounts and things but it also meant that there was no account for any credits or refunds to be paid into.

    Once the account is closed there is no online access and no access to historical statements so ensure that you have everything you need because you may need to go into the account in some depth for probate purposes.

    I did call the NatWest bereavement telephone line a couple of times and the calls were answered promptly and the service was excellent.

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    Barclays took less than 2 weeks, and that was during lockdown in June 2020.  A month seems far too long.
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    Mine took two weeks from the death to having the money in my account even with Xmas / New Year in the middle with Halifax
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    just under 2 weeks from Barclays after lodging Grant of Probate
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    I might have to give them a ring then. I confirmed with them previously that no grant of probate was required, even though I am actually going through the probate process anyway. There's no real rush, I just wanted to check whether there may be an issue or not.
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    In 2020 Nat West proved to be the worst, most inefficient bank I've ever had to deal with.  Even after I uploaded the death cert they were incapable of even freezing the account, which resulted in a DWP overpayment.

    Went to the bank who insisted it must all be done on-line, but at that time the on-line process wasn't fit for purpose.

    In the end I did a formal complaint, paid for everything with my own money until I had probate & could just withdraw her £20k & close the a/c.  NatWest paid me compensation & it sounds like their process still isn't fit for purpose!
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    I had a webchat with Natwest the other day and they said they had all the documents they needed so he'd raise an urgent case and it should be resolved in 3-5 days. At the same I found I could no longer login to the portal and was just getting an odd Error message, regardless of which browser I used.

    Roll on to today I get an email from NW asking for more documentation, I managed to login and it now wants proof of ID and proof of address, even though at the point of signing up to the service it was stated that this wasn't required for existing NW account holders because you proved your identity by longing into your account during registration. You couldn't make it up.
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