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Hi! I am willing to offer my place rent free for someone who could look after my dog for a couple of weeks. Sadly, cannot afford paid house sitters because of the duration. Asked around, but no interest so far. Has anyone tried Trusted Pet Sitters and other websites? I was not lucky with Borrow my doggy as got no replies, so asked for my money back.
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    You may struggle finding someone who will do it for free unless you live in an area that is a particularly popular place to visit. 
    You could try this site (not used it but a friend mentioned it to me recently) - but I have to say that I wouldn't trust any stranger with my pets at all.
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    Have you tried local interest groups in your area on the different social media platforms or even at your vets.  On my local 'nextdoor' there are dog walker groups.  These are the people you should be asking.  They may not come to your place but they may look after your dog for you especially if you offer to do the same when they need help.
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