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So I was sent an email inviting me to a meeting (couple of hours later) about restructuring the company going forwards……. At the meeting was given a letter that the directors intention was to put the company in to CVL and this meant contract was Immediately terminated.  Get your stuff and leave please! 

Almost 3 weeks later the signed CVL paperwork has not been sent to the insolvency practitioners so they are unable to provide a case number in order to claim redundancy, company is still active on companies house. 

And advice on what my options are here? What steps if any I can take? 

Thank you 


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    I know of a colleague who I shared your post with, he replied with:

    My advice would be to pop a note in writing to the IP's in question. So from the above it would seem that they sound like employees of the company as they talk about Directors? It does take sometime up to 28 days for a decision procedure to come through. If they are an employee they should be notified as they will be a preferential claimant. If the directors are unhappy and there has been no engagement letter signed then we can step in and take it on.

    Hope that helps. 
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