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Is private medical insurance generally worth it?

I got Axa Health insurance through my employer. However the reviews don't give me much confidence in them should I ever need them. It's free though, so I got it. How reliable are private medical insurers? Is it a common occurrence for them to not pay out? Some of the reviews I have read involve poor customer service. I am very wary of paying for such a service out of my own pocket as I simply don't trust insurers. The only optional cover I have ever taken out is breakdown insurance which was about £30 per year and they did get me to a garage.

What is generally considered the best health insurance provider? I'd mainly want cover for major surgery, cancer and quick access to treatment.


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    Whatever the cover is costing you through your employer will be a lot less than if you took the same cover out privately.  There will also probably be no exclusion of pre-existing conditions.  What problems have people raised in reviews?
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    We have Axa/PPP through my wife's employer. We haven't had any issues (also no major claims).
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    DingDongitsKingKong said:
     It's free though, so I got it.
    PMI is never free... its a Benefit In Kind so you will pay the marginal rate on the premiums which are generally vastly lower on corporate policies than personal but its not free.

    Like any product, there are good and poor versions of it... likewise there are those that go a life time with no need to claim who say its bad value and those that claim 500x the gross premiums who think its amazing 
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