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Challenge Credit Card Interest as thought it was frozen (as per DMP)

 hi, looking for advice on whether I would have any claim in making an official complaint into a Santander Credit Card charging me interest after I thought it was frozen. 

In 2017/18 I got myself into debt and ended up entering a debt management plan with PayPlan after receiving a number of defaults. Included in the plan was a Santander bank account, a loan and a credit card. Santander agreed to freeze interest on the outstanding balances and I started paying an agreed amount into the DMP. Cards all cut up, everything closed etc.

2019 almost two years later i get a notification from Santander that they want to default my credit card through lack of minimum payments. Turns out when everything else got a default, the credit card did not and limped along in the agreed DMP but now they wanted to impose a default. Given ive already worked off two years out of 6 on the defaults, I asked what else could I do and we agreed I could make two one off payments to bring the account back up, take it out of the DMP and agree a separate repayment plan with them which would keep it out of default. What i did NOT know what that this now meant i would start being charged interest on the balance again (after it had been frozen in the DMP) so those repayments were not paying off the balance, but the interest instead.

As I no longer did anything with Santander i do not have any apps, did not log into any online banking and had cut up the cards so no longer had any card details. I received zero paperwork and zero emails from Santander until early 2022 when I suddenly start getting the odd email saying 'pay off your balance faster and reduce interest'. I find this odd as i shouldnt be being charged interest. I eventually investigate but as I cannot log in i have to call them. After a very long time (as i have minimal details to go on) im informed my balance is nearly exactly what it was back in 2019 as id just been paying off interest. They asked if i checked my statements, i said i dont get any. They said they all get posted to my online banking, i dont use online banking. They said that when I used to have the card i originally did so essentially, its my fault i never clocked for three years that id not actually been paying off my credit card balance.

Ive been paying three years worth of interest to them from what is a meager disposal income instead of paying down my debt like i am with the rest of my DMP. With the repayment plan directly with them too being higher than it was in the DMP, i have been paying more than i originally started but had the interest been frozen i would be within my last year of paying off this debt. 

Is there anyone I can complain to? I tried complaining to Santander but they are not interested and told me freezing interest on a credit card account doesnt exist with them therefore it was never an option. Again, something i was not told. 

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