Sainsbury's Everyday Shopping Card - T&Cs changed - notified on receipt

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Hi everyone,

Not looking for any solution, just wanted to warn anyone else who may have a Sainsbury's shopping card.

Just before COVID hit I received a £200 Sainsbury's Everyday Shopping Card as part of a reward scheme at work.
The first lockdown hit and I decided to do my first Sainsbury's online shop only to find the card was in-store only and no amount of asking was going to convert it to any other format that would allow me to use it online.

Being something that doesn't happen every day (a reward from work) I allowed my "save it for something special" head to take charge. 

After lockdown one, I spent just over £150 on a couple of visits in-store, but did most of my normal shopping online. 

I went to spend the remaining £47.48 on the big shop this weekend to be told it had expired.

There is no stated expiry date on the card, it just says
"The card is valid for 24 months from last transaction (inc.balance enquires)"

When I called to question why it had expired, I was informed the T&Cs had changed and the 24 months is now from the last top up date. (Obviously, as a gift to spend I have never topped up) 

This change in T&Cs would have been notified to me on the last till receipt when I last used the card.

I completely accept it is my own fault, as long as the number of things on the receipt is right I ignore the rest of the waffle.

I do feel it is a rather underhanded way to inform the customer when the checkout person could easily have a warning flagged into their screen to inform the customer in person and get an acknowledgement from them that they understand the change. 

So, back to the point, if any of you have a Sainsbury's Everyday Shopping Card burning a hole in your wallet / purse / kitchen drawer, get it spent before it's too late !!!

The only recourse I have is writing to the Executive Office, explaining I am one of the many customers who do not read every receipt verbatum and ask cap in hand to get my £47.48 added to a card and returned. (Minus a £3.50 fee for the privilege).

The letter needs to be sent recorded to guarantee I have proof it is received as they do not acknowledge receipt. 

Disappointed of Manchester 


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