How to deal with Stinging Nettle & Cow Pasnip (hogweed) Read more:

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Any tips /weed killer to deal with these two weeds..? fed up with both weeds. Trying to completely pull out Cow Pasnip with root but still not able to get them out.
Fed up with Stinging Nettle, scared get out walking paths now.


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    It isn't cow parsnip which is endemic to N. America, but it is an umbelliferous plant in the same family. I have it too, but not in that quantity.
    I don't know how  you might tackle it because you don't say what the area is used for. Mowing regularly would sort out most of the problem over time, but if you want this as a 'natural' area you've already got it!
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    Mowing will make a big difference.
    It's seeded in from somewhere nearby so you need to tackle that first.
    Nettles cut and put on compost heap or steep in water and use to make your lawn green. Increased nitrogen they give may make the grass strong enough to stop some of the wild flowers

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