Mountfield M28M - How to disconnect grass catcher still run so that my roller can be fitted ?

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I have this Mountfield M28M which will not start if I disconnect grass catcher (as design). But I want to connect my heavy lawn roller after removing catcher and run around my lawn.

At the moment if I disconnect grass catcher my ride-on will not start! It looks like some sensor/safety mechanism is making sure catcher bag is fitted before start. Even if I connect MULCHING PLUG need to put grass catcher though no grass will be coming to the bag.

So looks like only option is to tie heavy roller behind grass catcher..? Is there any clever way to override this mechanism and tie roller directly behind ride-on mower without grass catcher bag..? Thanks


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    There is a sensor strip thing that I used to fix down with a heavy duty  clamp. It's silver and just visible on the right of the picture parallel with the chute..
    That was my attempt to get the thing to shoot grass straight out the back, but it still tended to jam up at the slightest provocation. Had it been more successful I'd have made a permanent change to the wiring. Maybe your chute is larger and won't jam?
    In the end I gave up on this pile of Italian 'engineering.' It was a pity because the machine was  satisfactory in most respects and thousands were made, but it wouldn't handle anything very rough or wet. Even my garage had serious trouble fitting a new belt.
    I bought a secondhand Countax instead. Lovely mower and all the moving/service parts etc are easily accessible.

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