Do I have a cifas?? Help!

First of I would love to say after 7 days of pure hell it’s so refreshing to see sanctuary’s like this and see a real community spirit of people advising and helping each bravo!!!

so the story is Iam a business owner and we took a cash advance loan through our credit card terminal, I.E the loan company charges x on top of the money borrowed in interest and takes 13% of each payment we take through the terminal to get there debt back simple? No through covid we are a car sales business and had to shut to the public many and go on to virtualised and contactless delivery because of this our payments through our reader slowed down and because of Gdpr and other rules we made the decision to not take payments over the phone as we did not want to be victims of fraud.

we managed to still put payments through as much as we could. In November we started receiving emails asking if we was still trading bla bla bla because they hadn’t seen any payments for 7 days I told them on the phone we are trying our hard st but customers are on the edge because of the fact lockdown could still loom us, I ended up making the decision to shut for mot of December and start a fresh in the new year there was a gap of being out of the office for about 28 days. Soon our arrival going back to the office we discovered our account with the loan company had been sent to a debt collection agency. No problem we will sort this with them we was in contact with them from jan and upto today as we were still getting payments coming from our terminal to the loan company. How can this be if they have sold our debt? This might be a good time to say our loan was around 27,000 including and interest and the balance is only around 8,000 today and still decling

were this really take a turn is we had a company we used for a stocking facility secure trust bank they recently done a review on us so we can offer consumer finance a completely different side of there business. 7 days after filling out the application my account with them was closed when I asked them why they advised there was indication of a cifas marker on my personal name and company name from the loan company. I asked them information about this but they would not tell me. All they would say is they had contacted the company who advised they had out the marker on as a first party fraud because of non payment and no contact. I sent secure trust bank all docs to prove I had already paid over half of this loan and the only gap of no contact was December for the holidays. I showed them letters from the people who owned the debt advising payments had still been going to the loan company via my terminal and contact had always been communicated from me to the debt collection trust bank decided to do review my account ect. Anyway they decided to close my account down but said this was due to the running of my account when I asked about why it says nothing about the cifas they just said taking the cifas out they still was not comfortable lol hold on your advised i had a cifas and this was the reason my account was on hold.??? 

I contacted the loan company who advised they hold no information for me as the debt is sold and cannot answer my question?

I have applied for some answers from cifas but during this I have applied for a new bank account with a high street bank which was accepted. I also have been accepted in principle and am nearly there for a new mortgage and also have still Been using my credit accounts ect I have called my business bank advised them if the situation who said they cannot find any notes ect to indicate we have a cifas. I have had no other company’s tell me we have one and have even had other lenders ect we use run a check. 

my questions are does this seem legit? 
how can secure trust bank contact a loan company of mine and get information about how much I borrowed and owe ect is this not a breach of gdpr?

this is causing me so much heart break as I do not want my accounts to all of a sudden be frozen. How can this be a first party fraud if I had been paying and had already paid around 19,000£ there was no intent no to pay. 

my views are secure trust bank found something they didn’t like and didn’t want to work with us so used this cifas as a smoke screen. Because even thou they have closed my account so we cannot access no more borrowing they have allowed me to continue to run my facility down. If we was a fraud issue why wouldn’t they shut us down collect there stock and take us to court for the balance?


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    It's difficult to follow all that, but the usual recommended method to ascertain what CIFAS hold about you is to submit a subject access request:

    Once you have the definitive position from them, you can decide what further action, if any, is needed.
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