frittilaria from seed

Last year I sowed some Snake's head Fritillary in a tray. They seem to be growing happily and are about 5 cm tall. Does anyone now how to grow them on? 
I imagine they need to be pricked out? It is my first attempt. thank you


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    Mine in the garden (originals grown from seed several years ago) have just finished flowering, and like other bulbs will begin dying down now. Not sue whether you should !!!!!! them out now, or leave them where they are ... found this, which may help:

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    I can't help with these except to say do label them wherever they go.
    I tried agapanthus from seed which take years and in the 3rd I hoed the leaves off never to be seen again  :/
    No idea why I was trying other than they were expensive as a plant.
    Good luck

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    I'd probably  P.Rick them out and put into a pot of moderate dimensions and grow them on in a part shaded spot for a summer before planting out. Mine have naturalised OK in my light soil here. As I've said before, the white ones seem to have vanished, but my OH claims to have seen some!
    Edit: I see the expert advice is 2 years in a pot. I wouldn't argue with that, but watch for vine weevils and don't bake the pot in the sun.
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    Always amazed at the collective knowledge on this forum. I have at least a hundred little seedlings.  As the tray is quite shallow I think I will transfer them to pots. I am slightly put off by the length of  time to see first flowers. I shall persevere as I had such unexpected success with germination. Also another success was selling spare Lily of the valley I dug up from the garden at last weekend's car boot!
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    Will it really take 5-6 years for flowering?
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