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Generate confidence to associate with big UK business business: Is a charity needed?

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MareqaMareqa Forumite
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We are considering both in support of a business in Malawi that runs community development projects and environmental education programs. They already work as a social enterprise and work with Fairtrade and other large charities. However they are not a charity. We are hoping to attract UK sponsorship for some of the programs and feel it would help to have a UK outpost (where some of the directors are based). The main motivation is that we need big UK business to have confidence to support/associate. Would a charity be needed or would sufficient articles of association + board oversight be enough?   We are balancing up the admin burden of running a charity with the benefits. I know it's a fairly broad question - hoping to get feedback from insiders :)   


  • Savvy_SueSavvy_Sue Forumite
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    It's true that charity status can add confidence and makes doing due diligence straightforward. 'Just' articles and board oversight is harder to verify, IMO. 

    Whether it's worth going for charity registration in your situation is hard to say. May have to ask a few big businesses, if they have a policy of only supporting UK registered charities you have an answer. Also don't discount the value of Gift Aid! If you are ever doing cash collections, then you can claim on gifts up to £20 without needing a declaration - but only if you a registered charity. 
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  • MareqaMareqa Forumite
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    thanks Susan - took me a while to get back to good internet! Yes I think a survey is needed to look at what businesses would need to get involved with our projects. In general the bigger the company the more worried they are about their reputation so only help big organisations who generally do not need help...
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