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My Sky contract ends in June, currently paying £51 per month. New price is £32 per month TV (includes Netflix) and Sky Broadband Superfast 80 (55.6-74.2 Mb/s estimated download speed, 64.9 Mb/s minimum guaranteed speed, 14.2-19 Mb/s estimated upload speed), Line Rental, Pay as you Talk and Sky Broadband Boost for £35.50. That's a £13.50 increase.

I don't generally watch live TV, only really watch Netflix and Prime and the Kids watch CiTV, CBeebies and a couple of other kids channels. I don't use a landline phone.

If I cancel with Sky will I have to pay them to remove the satellite dish and SkyQ box?

What would people recommend as good alternatives? I don't use online gaming services, tend to use internet for social media, Netflix and Prime, and work which is mainly Teams meetings.

I have no idea what speed of broadband I'd need for this. Then undecided whether to get a Now TV box or whether something like a Firestick would do the same job? I do record programmes occasionally but don't know what options are for doing this.

Any advice would be great thanks.


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    The dish is yours.  The SkyQ box you send back pre-paid returns:

    Any BT based provider should do what you want, just cancel the TV part of your Sky package and then you can move broadband provider in the normal way.  Look at comparison websites.  Note that you don't need to talk to Sky to cancel the broadband but you do to cancel the TV.

    Speed wise - any FTTC speed should be fine, typically from 38Mbps upwards will suffice for Prime.

    Recording - Freesat 4k bhard drive boxes are available that work in the same way as Q but not as pretty.  They'll have on-demand built into them.
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