What database to register microchip?

I need to register my cat with a database but there's so many out there I'm not sure which one to go for. Some have a one time signing fee, I've seen some with a subscription model. Any recommendations from some MSE pet owners?


  • akira181
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    noone has any recommendations?
  • sheramber
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    If you mean registering a microchip it is registered on the database of the company who supply the chip. It is usually done by whoever does the microchipping.

    Otherwise, what sort of registration are you meaning?
  • akira181
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    edited 24 April 2022 at 3:14PM
    registering the microchip. My cat currently has a microchip but it is not registered to any database
  • tizerbelle
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    How did you get your cat?  Was it already chipped when you got it or did you take it to a vets to be microchipped?
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    Next time you take your cat to the vet ask him to scan it. From that scan he/she can tell you what the address is.
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  • sheramber
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    You need a certificate that is completed when the microchip is inserted. The certificate is sent to the chip company and they send you a certificate of registration in your name.

    You need that certificate to change any information on the  data base.

    Who inserted the chip? they should have competed the registration.

    If a previous owner told you them they should have given you the certificate or details.

    You vet surgery or  possibly a local rescue would be able to scan the chip and tell you who the supplier is. 

  • akira181
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    My cat was a rescue and came from abroad. It has a chip but isn't registered on a UK database. My vet gave me the chip number and told me to register it on a gov approved database.

    I've looked at some of the approved databases and the charges vary from £1.99 for lifetime, £8 for one off registration, up to £20 for premium and some even go as far as a monthly subscription model. None of them seem to be upfront about what services their "Premium Package" offers other than "unlimited address changes".

    What's worse is that the little description you find on most of these databases can be misleading. I've seen some that say they'll notify you if your pets microchip has been scanned as part of the premium package but then the small print says only if scanned with their own scanner. So a scanner a vet may have won't result in a notification?

    Personally, I find it pretty underhanded to charge extra just to receive an email or notification that your pet's microchip has been scanned by someone. Surely that's the purpose of a microchip, so you can find your lost/stolen pet?

  • sheramber
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    If your vet was able to read the microchip then there should not be a problem. The scanners are universal.

    Is the chip number 15 digits? If so, then it is compliant in UK and EU. 

    If you object to the additional l charge then buy the basic one.  You are paying for the upkeep of the computer system and the costs for the person who acts on the information. The more use you want , the more you pay..

    There is no requirement at the moment to microchip a cat so it is your choice whether you register it and who you register it with.

    Normally, you don't have a choice as it will depend on what database the implanter uses.

    I don't think any body can say one is better than the other because normally you are only dealing with the one your implanter uses.
    I have had one dog registered with Petlog and my current is with Avid. I have never had to use them so have no experience of either.n 

  • vreemt
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    I'm in a similar situation - my adopted cat has a chip that appears never to have been registered.

    via https://www.check-a-chip.co.uk/ I found the following information
    This is a Destron microchip, normally registered with identibase. Contact 01904 487600 for more information.

    But the identibase site https://www.identibase.co.uk/login-register says it doesn't recognise the microchip number (possibly because my cat is 11 and I imagine she was chipped but never registered at birth?)
    The chip number could not be found. Please double-check to ensure that you have entered the number correctly!

    The site does say _With identibase, it’s completely free to register your pet_

    My insurer (petplan) suggested to contact the adoption organisation (Cat's Protection) in first instance, then try the vet. Alternatively, I could always get my cat a new microchip.

    PetTRAC suggests they can register it for £12 but there's a process involved
    We can register this microchip but we need to enable this for your pet's microchip number. Please complete the below form and we'll send you an email once you can register online.

    the button to continue with registration on identibase was disabled once the site determined the number couldn't be found, but I was able to create an account by "removing" the property in my browser. I got to the screen to register with e-mail address, password and marketing options and this allowed me to click the link in the activation e-mail message to enter the rest of my details. They also validate the microchip number on the account screens, which again resulted in an error, so I still couldn't proceed.

    I then called identibase, who managed to register the chip to my newly created account, and went through the pet details question. The microchip number now shows up as registered with identibase, and connected to my name/address. 

    It's free to register with identibase, but any changes require the £10/year plan, which seems fair enough.

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