Why do you grocery shop where you grocery shop?

great offers an fantastic range for myself


  • Katiehound
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    because it's the best value locally (Aldi) 
    it's a 30 mile round trip to Tesco, Sainsburys or Asda
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  • jon81uk
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    Not sure why we go to Tesco, its fairly cheap I suppose. Sainsbury's often has better range and better quality, also is walking distance for me so good for top-ups.

    I like Costco though, not certain if its that cheap when you add the membership fee really but everything is good quality and they often have interesting things well priced.
  • arnoldy
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    General criteria:

    1. Proximity - walking distance if possible -  what's the point in driving 10 miles through traffic (£3-4 in fuel)  to save a few pence?
    2. Prices
    3. Availability and stocking and cleanliness - the basics
    4. Ethics. Will try and avoid Co-op, Waitrose and M&S on ethical grounds because they did not pay back the rates rebate -  (Waitrose CEO paid £1m but they trousered the taxpayer money - shameful)
  • Stuart_W
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    Mainly convenience and ease.

    Mostly shop at local large Co-op (independent society not co-op group) round the corner - can walk there, never stressful, lots of space, rarely busy,  excellent for cleanliness, unlike most smaller co-ops plenty of value lines too). 

    Also get periodic Iceland deliveries to stock up on a few bulk bits.

  • Mnoee
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    I use Tesco as their delivery pass is dirt cheap. Currently paying £14 per year in clubcard points for my (not available to new customers) midweek pass. 
  • Murphybear
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    There are 2 supermarkets in our little town, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s.  We usually shop in Waitrose because of the quality and it’s not a lot dearer than Sainsbury’s 
  • Brie
    Brie Posts: 9,959 Forumite
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    It's a balance of what is convenient for us and what we need. 

    We have to drive no matter what and while there is a Tescos not too far away it's not well stocked.  It's not an express size but fair from being a metro one.  There are 2 bigger Tescos a couple of miles further but one always looks unclean and the other has parking spots suitable only for Smart cars.

    Waitrose is the only one that has a fish counter - none of the Tescos or Sainburys do.  

    We'd probably be perfectly happy with the new Lidl that opened near us - they generally have everything we need and prices are great.
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  • tujeste
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    We made a conscious decision to move to where we now live a number of years back ...access to a decent primary  school and a choice of reasonable secondary schools were important as was a decent large supermarket being close. Fortunately (and unfortunately) choices paid off - our son had a great education, headed off to university and now has a good job not too far away.Some friends were a little surprised as the area didnt have a great reputation, but that has gradually changed. The big local supermarket looks a bit more rickety but we now have an additional choice of Aldi or Lidl not to far away. And that turned out to be important as I unexpectedly had some health problems and no longer drive but I can easily walk to our local surgery and shops

  • MattMattMattUK
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    For me a few reasons, a big one being because the supermarket are easy to drop in to on my way back from the office, though there are six full sized supermarkets with a mile anyway.

    Waitrose, I love their olives and they regularly give me money off vouchers which knock around 15% off (£8 off spending £40 or more this month).

    Sainsburys, decent quality, decent price, maximise Nectar rewards and discounts.

    Aldi, some things are great quality and the others do not get close on value.

    Never use the Local/Express variants as they are hugely overpriced and would be inconvenient. 
  • MrsStepford
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    Most of our food is delivered as I've been shielding since Feb 2020. Just waiting for the Valneva vaccine to be rolled out locally now, though. 

    I find that if I do a small order from Abel & Cole (1.99 delivery) and/or Riverford (free delivery) plus Milk & More (free delivery) it works out cheaper than doing an order from a supermarket and I don't get subs. I do buy stuff on offer and with codes.Today I saved £10 with Abel & Cole and my Friday Milk & More delivery will save 3.60

    I buy food direct from farms, which comes either by overnight delivery or local delivery, but not every week or even month. That goes in the freezer, mostly. It can be cheaper for some things and more expensive for others but the quality is great.

    I find that when I do a supermarket delivery, Ocado saves me the most money on offers. I've got Ocado coming tonight and saved £14 with pretty much all offers.

    Husband will call into Sainsbury's or Tesco to pick up offers, on way home. If I want anything from Waitrose, his office is a 5 min walk away, as well. I just text him a shopping list.

    When he walks into town here, he has a list of stuff to grab from ASDA if available. Occasionally he visits Lidl or does a Click & Collect from nearest Aldi.

    I don't use Iceland much now, as their own brand fish comes from China. I get some of husband's lunch stuff there because the prices for Babybels, Salt & Shake crisps, Mexicana! and Leerdammer are usually good.

    I use Subscribe & Save from Holland & Barrett  for konjac rice and The Skinny Food Co for gluten free bread mix and get 10% off and from H&B free delivery and every 5th order free. 

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