Help identifying plant please


I have quite a few of these things sprouting up around the garden, to me they look a bit 'lillyish'.

ifThe Mrs took a photo of the plant to work and someone said that they were 'invasive'. 

This person probably doesn't know what they are talking about, but I don't want to take the chance. Can anyone identify them as friendly please, before I declare war.

Thanks in advance


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    The person is correct knowing that Wild Arum spread. I wouldn't call them invasive; just apt to incease through seeding. All parts of the plant are poisonous and some people may have a skin reaction to the sap.
    The tree-huggers will advocate digging them up and the RHS says which weedkiller will do the job quicker at a price, but then its woke side adds that they are not advocating chemical control. Me, I'd say dig if there's only a few, otherwise try glyphosate after bruising the leaves, but not with your hands!

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    Lords and ladies.
    They are darned hard to get rid of. You can snap off every lords berries and they still spread.
    I had a cultivar with decorative leaves. It made an attractive clump but when it got too big here was no stopping it and the berries spread around the garden.
    Interesting in the countryside where it should be and is kept in check by other native plants but in a garden they rule.

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    Also known as Cuckoo Pint.
    Have only ever seen them in the wild and then infrequently as other plants contend with them for space. 
    Shame as they are rather handsome-  but poisonous especially the bright red berries.
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