Is this a parcel scam or what?

I have had a really strange experience with a parcel. I have a facebook account which I virtually never use. Last December I got an e-mail from facebook saying my sister in law had posted something. This in itself was odd as I never get these facebook e-mails,  I have unsubscribed from them all. I logged on and could find no message from my friend, but there was an advert for something which looked really nice. It was from a firm in America having a closing down sale. I was concerned about buying something from facebook, but I could pay by paypal, I would not have done it if I had to give them my bank account details. Anyway I bought it.
I then started to receive e-mails from a firm called giving me the tracking for the parcel. It faffed about in customs and eventually came to the UK where it was finally sent to the local parcel delivery service. I then received an email saying it was in Belfast and I live in Hampshire!!
I contacted both the seller and this 24hourvip lot and got identical e-mails back from them both. So I did some research, the seller was pretty new and unknown, but this 24vip lot seem to be a total bunch of crooks, they have universally bad feedback, stuff never arrives or it is rubbish and several people reported the same experience as me, a load of e-mails saying my parcel was all over the place. So I contacted paypal and got my money refunded, this was at the end of January.
Then, on Good Friday I had a parcel delivered by Hermes who are now called Evri. I was expecting that, they had sent me an e-mail. They left the parcel on my step and underneath it was another parcel. When I opened it, it contained this thing I had ordered almost 4 months earlier!
There was nothing else in the parcel at all, no paperwork and the only thing on the outside was the Evri label. Now what is this all about? I have three theories.
1. It has been kicking around the international postage system for 3 and a half months, but the package was pristine and did not look like it had been around that long.
2, Evri/Hermes had lost it and when they refound it dropped it off slyly to cover their incompetence.
3. This is some sort of scam. I have not paid for this now as I have had a refund so I am watching my e-mails and paypal every day, but so far nothing.
Has anyone got any idea?


  • Brie
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    I'd be more concerned about the notice you are going to get saying you owe import duty/tax.
    "Never retract, never explain, never apologise; get things done and let them howl.”
  • MalMonroe
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    Have you phoned Evri/Hermes to ask what's going on? That'd be my first step.

    You have made 3 assumptions but you'll never know the real answer if you don't ask.

    So you have two parcels? What was in the other one?

    Don't buy from ads on Facebook, that way disaster lies. But if you do decide to buy, it's always better to do research before, rather than after, doing so.
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  • vet88
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    The other parcel was some plants I was expecting, both Evri and the plant company had sent me e-mails. I thought of calling Evri, but when I have had problems with them before they refuse to speak to me as they say their contract is with the sender of the parcel and they will not speak to the person receiving it. I have had at least 10 parcels lost by Hermes before and they have never turned up or been returned to the sender so I am reluctant to imagine they have delivered this one after so long, they usually just throw them away.

    I agree about facebook, I won't ever buy from them again.
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