Dying a carpet offcut to make a rug?

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Hi Moneysavers!

I've just had a new carpet laid (beige) and been left with a sizeable offcut. I was thinking about making a rug(s) out of it? Is there any way to dye/paint it to create a unique rug? I know carpets are usually treated so not sure if this is possible (although now I think about it I don't even know what the carpet is made from). I've had a Google and Dylon has been suggested but there's no way it would go in the washing machine and know from dying trousers the dye continues to run wash after wash which I wouldn't want to stain the carpet if it did get wet.

Or any suggestions for what the offcuts could be used for?

Thank you!
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    Even if the rug didn't get wet, there's a danger that the dye would rub off onto your carpet. 
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    You'd need to add edging to it as well otherwise the edges disintegrate and you end up with bits of carpet everywhere. I bought an offcut and used part of it to line a cosy den for my cats. So you might get something for it on gumtree or f/b marketplace etc.

    *The other part is being used as a rug which is slowly disintegrating and ending up all over my house.
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    List it on Freecycle - somebody might be glad of it in these straitened times.
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