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Anyone got any really easy crafting ideas for kids that doesn't involve lots of glue, paint and mess!
We've done origami before and that always keeps them quiet for a while ... just looking for any new suggestions for the Easter hols seeing as its so rainy! 


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    Mess free painting - paper and splotches of paint inside a ziplock bag, seal it and move the  paint around by stroking the bag (mainly for littles)

    sewing  making a yo-yo (gathered fabric circle) is actually easier than it sounds and uses rubbing stitch to make it -
    add a button and turn it onto a headband, brooch etc

    knitting there’s a tutorial for a toy rabbit from a
    plain knitted square 

    Tissue paper sun catchers

    Salt dough decs 

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    I did this with my then 4 year old a couple years ago. It's christmas themed, but you could apply it to anything:
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