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I have searched far and wide online and can’t seem to find the answer 

Long story short my credit utilisation (how close I have been to credit limits on credit cards) has always been on the higher side on individual cards, although not overly terrible in the grand scheme of my total usage compared to total credit available. I have carried a balance of about 14k on credit cards for years. My total credit limit was about 21k (I know I know, I’ve faced the music and I’m paying it off)
I have paid off a large chunk recently and will continue to do so and this will keep improving, but when a mortgage lender does their internal credit scoring will they be able to see a history of my credit utilisation or just what it is currently? (will be looking to buy first house towards end of this year)

I have no missed payments, defaults, CCJs, payday loans or anything like that, just a history of a high amount of credit (now down to about 10k. 8k of that is credit cards, 2k is a loan). Income is 37k if this makes a difference 


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