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Hi folks, so I spoke to BT last week to try to reduce our internet bills as far as possible... We need higher as my partner works from home and my son likes his game time (he's a hard worker so deserves it!).

Anyway, managed to get Halo3+ for £49 after a fair bit of haggling, in the end, I was not happy with this and so told the person that I will pursue a better offer with X

Anyway, after talking to the neighbors, I feel this might not be too bad a deal, based on the fact that our BT connection is flawless, fast and never lets us down, whereas they do have issues.

If I ring them back, are they likely to have my last conversation on file, and will this affect any further deals?

Just desperately trying to get costs down as I am sure everyone is right now!



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    For me with phones the thing I need to look at is what is costing me money when I use it.  Not currently with BT (ee instead) but it still applies.  So a package with broadband and landline is cheaper than just one or the other.  Add the fact that I have my mobile on a separate contract with the same supplier but that attracts a customer loyalty discount.  

    My other big spend is phone family in Canada.  A normal phone call was pricing at £5+ which adds up quite quickly to something nasty.  By paying a small amount extra to be on a "plan" I've ended up with all international calls being free as long as they don't go for more than 59 minutes.  The extra bonus on this is that it includes mobiles in Canada as they don't use the UK 07 service and instead are tied to the normal area codes so don't look like mobile numbers.  It's saved me a lot!  
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