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I got the new app that links to Moneysupermarket for car insurance due next month. Got all the way through to adding drivers but needed to wait until my children had replied with details of licence, accidents etc. Seemed possible to save that but not once had proceeded to the end, nor to go on and get a ‘temporary’ quote. Moneysupermarket helpline on phone very good, but didn’t really solve problem due to having got there via MSE app. Now I have all the details, even logging into my already existing account at Moneysupermarket doesn’t bring back previously part completed form, and if I go back via the new MSE app, it’s no different. So sadly, now having to start over again. One other thing, what classification is it for where one keeps car - ours is on car park within apartment block boundary. I put “driveway”. 


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    Can't help you with any Apps but different insurers have different options on the where kept, its always important to check when you've selected your quote to go through all the details again on the insurers/brokers website before buying as whilst this app may be missing a "residential carpark" option the broker/insurer may have one and you could be on a sticky wicket if you had a theft claim and they find you dont have a driveway. 
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    Hello @EMW44  - if you're referring to MSE's new Multi-Compare tool, please email the team on [email protected] as they are keen to hear all feedback 
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    Please report all problem posts to [email protected]
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