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I will be receiving W53P Yealink phone with base this week. As I'm on FTTP, I have no analogue landline but would like to have a landline number (handy with few things and wife would like one). Ideally with unlimited calls and local area code number.

I've been googling few things, SIP lines, VOIP lines, digital lines, but it's not clear what to look for (surely comparison sites e.g. moneysupermarket or here on moneysavingexpert will have to give folk some more information on what to buy).

So far, the options with not a bad price tag are (best I could find so far): at £7.95/month, unlimited calls and local number
everydayvoip and at similar price point.

Are there any other products that might be cheaper but still reliable?



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    My daughter has a sipgate phone account, which she set up years ago as she travels a lot working in different countries around the world. You get a free local telephone number when you set up your account. Wherever she is in the world we can ring her as a local call (which we get free). For her it costs about 1p per minute to ring us. There's no monthly fee. It has worked well for her. 
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    I've signed up with, £7.95 unlimited mobiles and landlines, monthly rolling contract. VL support very responsive on chat and via emails. Once signed up I've requested help with getting my SIP phone configured. They've replied in few minutes with all details. So far, good :)
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