Money Moral Dilemma: Should I keep the voucher I got for my holiday booking?



  • Groom
    Groom Forumite Posts: 48
    Second Anniversary 10 Posts
    I'm not sure what the dilemma is either - it's only £30, not as if we are talking hundreds. Use the voucher to buy something you need from the store and then buy all your family an ice cream or drink when you are on holiday. 
  • Ed264
    Ed264 Forumite Posts: 80
    10 Posts First Anniversary
    Normally my view would be to share it. However, the £30 is with an online retailer, so it couldn't even be put towards a family meal. You took significant time and trouble to arrange this well-earned holiday, so I suggest you treat yourself to whatever you like and enjoy it. You can buy the sun cream in Poundland! Have a lovely holiday.
  • REJP
    REJP Forumite Posts: 325
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    Not a dilemma.  Use it for refreshments for family during your inevitable airport delay.  
  • JayD
    JayD Forumite Posts: 678
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    You need to ask, when this is for a family holiday?

    Jeeze a loo! Just treat them all to to an ice cream and/or drink when you are there and tell them it is courtesy of your diligent endeavour - and use the voucher on yourself to buy whatever, whenever.
  • crmism
    crmism Forumite Posts: 300
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    Oh dear, does this kind of question really warrant an answer? Surely you're now old enough to make decisions yourself without having to consult others? The money is there to be spent, so it really doesn't matter how you decide to spend it as long as you and your family benefit.
  • martindow
    martindow Forumite Posts: 10,062
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    I think I would be more concerned about a member of the party changing their mind and not wanting to go on the holiday.  Unless everyone has already paid their share I would spend the £30 on drink to ease the worry about problems to come ...
  • smartwoman
    smartwoman Forumite Posts: 11
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    You have had the trouble of booking but in the same situation I have treated people to an airport lounge or bottle of wine on arrival depending on discount received 
  • jedav
    jedav Forumite Posts: 29
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    In that you've asked you clearly aren't sure.  Ask your family if it still worries you.

  • tenuissent
    tenuissent Forumite Posts: 341
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    Whenever I had an occasional windfall, I shared it with my teenage/adult children. Much more fun that way. I still remember the "Picture Meal" when I was unexpectedly paid £50 for a drawing well before I turned professional. We were cycle touring in France, and I took them out for a slap up restaurant meal when they could choose exactly what they wanted. Made a lovely change from food cooked over a camp fire, and now in their 50s they still remember it.
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