My little lightbulb moment

Hello there!! 
So i've been stalking these forums for a while and after having my own light bulb moment last night I think its time that I made my own. I'd absolutely love to be posting on the mortgage free forum but for now I think I need to get everything else in orders especially now time are getting scarier. Here is a bit about us.........
So im a 40 year mum of 3 young beautiful boys and married to a wonderful man who would literally do anything for us. He is the only earner and has just recently in the last few months started a job that has a great wage and 'should' be enough for us to live comfortably, however last year his wage was just enough for us to survive and the previous year we was both self employed running our own company, so we are starting on a bit of a back footing. Im going to go off an do an soa to see if I can see where our money is going. Im just about to finish a college course (im the oldest one on it, ha ha) and will be starting university in September so I won't be earning anything for at least the next 4 years, after that though hopefully we will be back onto 2 wages. Another thing I want to do is try and live as a minimalist, not absolute minimalist but get rid of a lot of our stuff as we have wayyyyyy too many things. We have our own caravan which is pitched on a seasonal pitch so we have lots of trips out there, which will be invaluable come the nicer weather. Finally I am fat, no point dressing it up, im 5ft 1 and in the last year put on so much weight so ive recently signed up to slimming world, for the millionth time.  Something has got to give in my life, I have everything that i dreamed of when I was younger, but just feel so far away from it all...........
Be back soon.......


  • Aaleigha
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    Oh I want to wish you luck 
    I too did an access to higher education before I went to uni and was also the oldest on the course

    It's really hard when for no fault of your own you lose the reins

    Hopefully this be a real turning point for you 
    As for slimming world been there done that and done it again 
    But it does work 
    At the moment I am doing it from home with my own books 
    Emergency fund £10,000
    Several categories with savings in
    Cars, house maintenance, birthdays
    Etc I have about 10 categories

    Really happy to be debt free after being a compulsive spender
  • Amber1980
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    Hi and good luck! I have also had a few changes work and life wise as I approached 40,I’m now 41, and found I piled on 3 stone seemingly overnight!!!
     I have definitely found I have felt a bit lost,can’t quite explain it,these last few years,although I’m aware I have a great life!
    You sound like you have an awful lot going for you and great future plans,I wish you well and look forward to following your journey xx
  • Amber1980
    Amber1980 Posts: 85 Forumite
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    Was meant to add I also dream of minimal and organised living,just need to stop buying stuff…😂😩😂
  • joedenise
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    Well done on having your lightbulb moment.  Good luck with getting on a secure footing.

    Come across to the slimming world support thread - we're a really friendly and supportive bunch - - look forward to seeing you over there too.

    Will follow your journey.

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