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Hi hoping for some advice - Or even just having a rant…

New Sky package signed up on 6/3 with installation for 19/3. 

Package includes:
Sky Signature
Ultimate TV add on
Sky HD
Sky Superfast Broadband

Was told this would cost £43.20 on the first bill excluding Installation costs a month and then an increase in April to £45.70.

Received an email after installation was completed advising the bill would actually be £47.70 a month. I know it’s only an extra £2 a month however it’s frustrating being told an amount on the phone and then getting an increase in just 2 weeks! 
Mortgage Starting Balance - £158,000.00
Mortgage Outstanding - £157,271.91
Term Left - 39 Years / 10 Month 


  • Carrot007Carrot007 Forumite
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    They put up the prices the same time every year so it really should have been obvious it was coming.

    Horrible company with nothing of use anyway, would get rid of them if it were my choice.

  • matelodavematelodave Forumite
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    Have you checked your T&C's, virtually all of them have a clause which allows for rises within the contract duration thus preventing you from cancelling because of an in-contract price rise.

    The ISPs are generally 3.9% plus the rate of inflation on 1st April, however those for TV services just seem to do it when they feel like it.
    Never under estimate the power of stupid people in large numbers
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