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Annual Payrise this year



  • annabanana82annabanana82 Forumite
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    I'm supposed to be getting 1.8% next month, once the end of year review is done this should increase further but as CS no idea what this will be, paid in July/August backdated to April.

    Also meant to be moving to capability based pay, but no one knows quite what that'll look like. Rumours I may start being paid for holding a professional qualification. 

    I did well this FY with a 12/13% increase 
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  • mcpitmanmcpitman Forumite
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    3% annual payrise, but also an 11% increase in base salary due to performance and promotion that delivered.

    They would be great numbers in any normal year but with inflation how it is, disappointing to stay neutral in real terms,
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  • bamgbostbamgbost Forumite
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    Its a 5.75% Annual rise for us. So not great.. but not bad either. Was hoping for circa 7%. never mind.
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  • GetferretGetferret Forumite
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    Private sector 9.7%. Annual rise usually starts April, due to cost of living has been brought forward to start February. Plus 3% performance bonus due mid year. 
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