Annual Payrise this year

Not sure a similar thread exists. So thought to start one.

Whats the general consensus with regards to payrises across the UK. And wondered if people would share what they have either recently gotten or are due to get.

I will go first lol!

I work in the private sector and in 2021.. there was no payrise due to covid, business issues and trying to preserve jobs. As probably was the case across most businesses

Now in 2022...we have just been informed of a 3.25% rise. which seems ok, but will be eaten by 6%+ inflation and the NHS surcharge coming in. but hey i guess i should be grateful at least.

Wonder what else people are due to receive this year. pls do share below.

365 Day 1p challenge - £371.49 / 667.95
Emergency Fund   £425 / £1000


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