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Does anyone here cash stuff? (I think it's an American thing but catching on elsewhere) My daughter started hers a couple of months ago and I've now started it. Since starting it I have managed to save money towards car insurance, home insurance, car maintenance etc for next year using money that would've been in my account and more than likely spent on rubbish I didn't need and therefore when these bills come around next year I'd have been struggling to find it in one go. 
It has given me a totally new outlook on managing my money and clearing off my 2 CC's and loan. My hubby paid for my first car 2 years ago and I finished repaying him this money. Next month I intend to use that money to add to my CC repayments in order to pay that off sooner. Then I'll snowball onto the next one and finally my loan. 
I am writing this post to hold myself accountable I guess. My aim is to pay one CC by June, another by July and then work on the higher loan as well as having money saved up for other bills, birthdays, Christmas etc. I am also doing well with a 52 week envelope challenge and £2 coin savings.
£2 savers club. No.90. Aim £500.


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    I stuff 
    But have got myself out of debt so now stuff out of habit and I have several categories 
    So things like car expenses 
    House maint 
    Birthdays and other gifts 

    Good luck with your categories I hope it works for you 
    Keep disciplined not easy in the days 

    One thing I do that really helped me 
    I looked at my current accounts on Tues and Fri and transfers anything to a third account that I could round down 
    So if my account had 74.09 I would put the 4.09 into the savings account 
    It was this way that got me my emergency fund when I was in debt sometimes I would just put the 0.9 towards the savings 
    Emergency fund £10,000
    Several categories with savings in
    Cars, house maintenance, birthdays
    Etc I have about 10 categories

    Really happy to be debt free after being a compulsive spender
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    Yes but I only for food & personal shopping, I have online sinking funds and a separate account for petrol as most stations near me are card only.  It definitely help when doing the food shop.
    ***Dont save what is left after spending, spend what is left after saving***
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    Hi iv just bought a binder that has pockets to cash stuff. I must say I haven't managed to get into it yet but I can see how it works, maybe if I write it here il manage better! 
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    I am saving for new glasses as soon as im cleared by consultant and for a washing machine which is just about holding up
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