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I recently bought a new phone - which is lovely.  And wanting to keep it lovely I went on to Amazon to buy a case/cover to protect it.

So I found  a nice cover with a funky picture of a cat (well it's fun!) and was pleased to pay £19.99 as I liked the design and it was pure leather and also was said to be adjustable so you could set it up to watch movies (IYKWIM).  I have Prime so told it would be next day delivery.  And then I got an email to say it wouldn't be delivered for 10 days which was annoying.  But then it got delivered and I was delighted!  Until I opened the package.  

It's a picture (still cute) printed on plastic covering a cardboard case.  There's no way to use it to prop up the phone in any way.  Add to that the inside (the bit that actually touches the phone screen) is all scrapped and ratty looking.  Now none of this is a first world problem but I object to having paid nearly £20. If it had been £3 I'd be ok cuz you gets what you pay for normally.  

So I've requested a refund which is going to take a while as I need to print a label and I can't do that until I have access to a printer which will be middle of next week.  I'm wondering if in the meantime I should put a comment/rating on Amazon.  I know a lot of people might just shrug when they get something tatty or also might be in a position of not being able to return something easily or at all.  

So my question is - would you complain, give a bad rating?  I did look and all the previous ones seemed to be positive so I don't know if sellers can manipulate the ratings or remove bad ones.
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    When I wasn't able to print off a label Amazon gave me an address to write on the package. 
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    I'd get the issue sorted out first and then leave my comment.
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    I do leave honest reviews of all products - especially those I have issues with. 

    Amazon sometimes have multiple sellers supplying the 'same' product, including things 'Sold by Amazon'. If marketplace sellers choose to have the item dispatched by Amazon, they send the items to Amazon who dump them in a big bin of cat phone cases. There's no way to tell which seller supplied them after that, so you can buy from 'Amazon', and get one provided by Trotters Independent Trading. The problem is the similar for ordering from marketplace sellers who ship themselves - they may claim it's the same product as the other sellers, but it's not. 

    Lots of products suffer from cheap knock offs - it might explain why many good reviews exist on the product, without any review manipulation at all. 
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