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Hi folks! I am the least crafty individual of all time, but would like to make some hexagonal collages using cards we've collected over the last 5 years. I took a look online, but people were wanting £90 etc to put these together  :open_mouth:

I (think) I've figured out that people use a hexagonal punch to cut out the card sections then mount them on a piece of metallic card or similar before framing?

1. How do they stick the sections onto the card? Glue, double sided tape or something else?

2. How would you deal with sections overlapping the mount? Craft knife and a steel ruler? 

Any thoughts welcome  :)


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    1. I find double sided tape doesn't age well so I would use a good quality non yellowing glue.

    2. Yes, that is a good solution. Some people might use a guillotine if they have one
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